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      Bar Luca Blame Canada Burger

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      Bar Luca impressed with it's world class burger game and vibrant colourful pub ambience.

      In the heart of the CBD lies Bar Luca, a standout destination for its bar prowess but also for its world class burger game. We visited with Simon Food favourites, a burger aficionado and legend of the Sydney foodie scene. This is surely the place to come if you want burgers that capture the essence of what a burger is all about. The noted Fatties Burgers Appreciation Society is all over this place and their first class burgers.

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      Arriving at Bar Luca you immediately realise this is a serious burger destination. Kitchen staff are working as a well oiled team with Owner, visionary and Head Chef Sarah Robbins at the helm. Speaking with Sarah she is passionate about Bar Luca and the burger experience. They are not just trotting out the burgers, but each burger is constructed with care (as we witnessed). We watched them at work for 10 minutes or so, performing under the pressure of high number of customers.

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      Sarah is the inspiration (and I want one of those T shirts - XXL?). Looks like poutine goes on the burger first.

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      Bar Luca gets packed out at lunchtime, with "suits" getting messy with burgers. Is that sauce on your M.J. Bale?

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      We came for 2 classic burgers; The Cheeseburger and the Blame Canada. Both have an excellent reputation. Simon told me the Blame Canada burger (left) started as a special, but was made permanent status due to its popularity.

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      Blame Canada features 200g Wagyu beef patty (so you may not need 2 patties), maple glazed streaky bacon, American cheddar, poutine and maple aoli in a milk bun. Surely this is one of the best burgers in Australia. The bacon is crispy too, more in the Canadian and American style than we often see in burger joints in Australia. You get a hit of sweet, savoury, juicy, crispy, salty and soft milk bun. Plus the poutine inside a burger is a distinctive hit! Poutine originates from Canada, from the province of Quebec, made with french fries and cheese curds topped with a light brown gravy.


      In technical terms -

      The bun works!

      The poutine works!

      The pattie is awesome!

      The candied bacon works!

      The cheese works! 

      The aoli works!

      It all works!

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      Simon from Simon Food Favourites is well known across Sydney (including to Bar Luca) and was bringing his blogger photographer A game.

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      BarLucaInsta 4

      How good does this burger look; layers of juicy heaven. Perfectly cooked pattie slightly pink and great balance of the burger.

      BarLucaInsta 3

      Blame Canada in all it's glory.

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      The Classic Cheese Burger below also comes with 200g Wagyu Beef pattie, American cheddar, house made ketchup. mustard and pickles. It's simple but hits the spot. This burger is in itself a chart topper but the Blame Canada burger gets the chocolates in terms of best burger.

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      World class burgers. 

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      Staff are engaging, helpful, enthusiastic even, and look like they're enjoying themselves.

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      BarLucaInsta 5

      Check the long lines at lunchtime. Office workers getting their burger fix (there are other dishes apparently as well).

      Don't blame it on the sunshine,

      Don't blame it on the moonlight,

      Don't blame it on the good times,

      Blame Canada.

      Get on it.

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