Sydney Dining Highlights


      The Winery and Penfolds Grange


      The Winery is a hugely popular eclectic wine bar on Crown St, with quirky statues (Elvis related), a cool laneway and funky lighting that glows amid a dark ambience. I took a stool at the bar and indulged in Penfolds Grange at $99 a glass, a "must do". Bartenders were engaging and willing to chat about all things wine.


      The Winery is a specialist Wine Bar with many exotic wines to be imbibed. They divide their wine list into simple heading like "French Whites" to help those who may not be able to interpret the long foreign names of the wines.

      The World Loves Sydney visited mid week at night and the place was pumping. Even late at night it was difficult to get a stool, let alone a table.


      The good news is you can try a plethora of wines here by the glass. The thing to do is to try the Penfolds Grange for $99 a glass. When you think about it this is quite reasonable. There's no way I would buy a bottle (well maybe) but a glass is affordable to sample this amazing nectar.

      I found the 1987 Penfolds Grange not light at all, but a heavy full bodied wine (surprise surprise) with many nuances. I savoured every last drop from this 27 year old vintage. Afterwards I was offered some other reds for tasting but I didn't want to spoil the afterglow from the Grange.


      The Winery is a difficult place from which to take photos - almost totally dark but for the glow of a few lights (mostly fairy lights and candles), so photo courtesy of The Winery Facebook.

      The bar staff are engaging and keen to impart their wine knowledge. Being talked through my Penfolds Grange experience was memorable.

      I would come back here for more Penfolds Grange or some other exotic wine you don't normally get to appreciate, and to check out the food offerings.

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