Sydney Dining Highlights

      The Paramount Project Coffee Style in Surry Hills


      Open spaces, amazing coffee and fine cuisine in the foyer of transformed Paramount House, with the coming together of Reuben Hills Russell Beard and Mark Dundon of Seven Seeds. This is a serious coffee haven with beans sourced form around the world. 


      It's the space that draws you in. Some architect has had a high moment with use of textures, artistic expression and the use of light. How artistic is this space! I entered a world of coffee, design, art and blossoms. The Paramount Project shares the large space with a couple of other businesses including a bike shop. The large open space filled with natural light is so appealing to bump up the early morning mood.


      The rain was pouring down and the place to be was at the communal table imbibing a stunning coffee at Paramount Coffee Project. Not only was I asked what sort of coffee I wanted (I chose the Seven Seeds Ethiopan specialty coffee) but what sort of milk did I want. They had various forms of cow's milk to choose from. Let alone something like soy.


      Everything about Paramount Coffee Project screams design and style. From the timber communal table to the fine blue cups. I can see the influence of Seven Seeds here in the chic design, being a frequenter of this cafe in Melbourne.

      Paramount Coffee Project is the place to meet. Next to me were a couple sorting out their relationship issues, for all and sundry to hear. Entertainment.


      Like many top grade cafes the quality of the food is on a par with the quality of the specialty coffee. Choices abound from the popular Baked eggs with chorizo and cannelini beans, to Crab Po Boy, to my choice the delicious Elvis in Cuba.


      Elvis in Cuba. I think the great man would approve. This breakfast ticked all the boxes with pork, kimchi, bacon, kewpie, swiss cheese, and onion rings. But no peanut butter. The title would make some cringe as calorie overdrive, but this was no reckless fry up but an elegant well composed breakfast. And pretty to boot.


      As the rain kept falling and I didn't have an umbrella it was time to sample more specialty coffee.

      Quirky delights abound here including Caramel Popcorn Milkshakes and a Mini chocolate Magnum bathed in espresso. Coffee die hards love this place. Surely one of the best cafes in Sydney.


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